Brand name: Symbolium
Services: web development, Android development, iOS development, digital marketing.
Project Duration: Ongoing project, started in April 2018

The Challenge:

Only musicians know how fast the world of music evolves. Every now and then, they come across another new music notation or technique. And there is a high demand for a platform that contains all the necessary information in one place. The websites that already existed could not fulfill this demand: they offered very limited resources, mostly related to only one instrument.
So we got the challenge from our partner to develop a platform that offers multiple extended techniques and the largest digital library for contemporary music notation. And the platform would be called Symbolium.

The Solution:

At Digitec, we started to build the platform from scratch. Besides development, we took up the online promotion. From the very beginning, our development team worked hand-in-hand with the media team for high-quality content creation. One of the main goals was to create a platform that has a high level of usability and is easy to find.
After the research stage, we started UI/UX design and development. We tried to think like musicians in order to create the easiest tools for them. The feedback that Symbolium is getting from its users the very first day makes us believe that we have solved our partner's problem.
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