Brand name: Nemra
Services: Web Development, UI/UX Design, SEO, Content Development
Project Duration: December-January 2018

The Challenge:

Nemra, a USA-based company that produces air-dried snacks from natural fruits, wanted to have a website that would help position the brand through its unique story. Before the official launch, the company spent a lot of time trying to find a unique niche in the US natural snack market and wanted their website to reflect their thinking.

From the beginning, both our team approached the project with enthusiasm. We set out to develop a website that would allow the brand’s interesting story to shine through every element - be it the functionality of the site, its design, images, or content. Our goal was to develop a website that would attract a modern audience, inform visitors about the history of the brand, and assist Nemra in its future promotions.

The Solution:

Digitec’s team had a clear mission in mind — create a beautiful and captivating website that would stay true to the brand’s core idea. We wanted the visitors to enjoy clicking through the pages, giving enough information to make them feel interested in Nemra’s products.

To make it happen, we went with a simple layout that allowed to make the brand and its healthy-snacks the center of attention. We developed a simple navigation system, compelling UI/UX design, and meaningful visuals. It allowed the brand’s focus on health and traditional methods to shine through, making the browsing experience appealing to the visitor.

Creating a functional and presentable website was our only goal. To reach existing and potential customers, Nemra's website should have been easy-to-find. We paid special attention to the SEO of the website by performing in-depth keyword research and building the content around the queries. We used keywords to drive the website's navigation, connecting the pages and continuously reinforcing its core message — natural, air-dried, and healthy — to develop a compelling story that painted a complete brand image in the mind of visitors.

In the result, we have created a bright, clear, and modern-looking website that presents Nemra in a favorable light and forms a memorable and likable presence. Simple and tasteful, it functions as an informative business card, compelling brand presentation, and a sales page all at once.
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