Panarmenian Fund

Brand name: Panarmenian Fund
Services: Web Development, UI/UX Design, SEO
Project Duration: January-March 2019

The Challenge:

Panarmenian Fund is a fund managing entity that aims to promote the development of entrepreneurship in Armenia. The organization is governed by DICA, a non-profit organization we have collaborated with for a similar project before. After the positive experience, DICA has approached us again and asked to develop a website for its new initiative.

Panarmenian Fund needed a new website that would make it easier to connect with its target audience and reflect the fund’s commitment to excellence. Digitec took on the challenge of developing a website that would represent the company and help it in its further promotion.

The Solution:

To serve the Panarmenian Fund's purpose, its website needed to radiate credibility, be informative, and convincing. It should have reflected what the organization stands for — that being innovation, modernity, and accessibility. We wanted to make those ideas part of the web-design experience, to make it possible to grasp what Panarmenian Fund was about at a glance. To achieve that, our team went with a modern and sleek web layout, soft color scheme, smooth transitions, and compelling UX/UI design.

In the result, Digitec created an easy-to-use website with an excellent information structure and elegant visuals. We have developed a website that tells the meaningful story of Panarmenian Fund in a sophisticated, but intelligible manner.
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Panarmenian Fund
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