Brand name: Shypr
Services: Branding, web platform development, UI/UX design, application interface design
Project Duration: May 2019 - February 2020

The Challenge:

Shypr - a platform that would connect individuals and companies by solving a problem with international shipment and transportation — got our attention from the start.

With its platform, Spypr wanted to create a space where companies could find means of transporting their products and equipment with reliable partners. At the same time, the company wanted to provide shipping companies with enough work opportunities to minimize the idle time of their transports.

Fascinated by this innovative idea, Digitec took the responsibility of developing the perfect solution. To encompass everything our partners cared about while keeping it accessible to anyone across the globe, our team needed a groundbreaking design. We have challenged ourselves to combine simplicity with sophistication.

The Solution:

Cracking our knuckles, we got down to the business of turning the ideas we had in our minds into reality. Shypr is all about connecting and we wanted that idea to be reflected in the design. It was our goal to make sure anyone using the platform could surf through it and communicate smoothly.

Our first objective was to figure out who the target audiences of the Spypr are, what they look for, and how the company can solve their issues. We knew it was the key because the better you know your clients, the clearer picture you can have of the final product. Putting down the important points and crucial aspects of the strategy, we moved towards the next step.

While working on the technical part, Digitec’s branding team asked an essential question: How can we showcase this idea as brilliantly as it is? With a combined power of the information gathered through extensive research and years of design experience, our team came up with a simple but expressive branding solution.

Finalizing the project, we put everything to the test. Exceeding the expectations, we have developed a comprehensive platform with a memorable branding and strong software backbone. We have accomplished the goal of creating a digital space for organizations to use when they need to deliver their product and for the shipping companies to manage their operations.
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