Brand name: aaber
Services: Branding, UI/UX Design, CRM Development, Website Development, Mobile App Development
Project Duration: Ongoing project, started in 2020

The Challenge:

aaber - an online delivery platform that would be the first one that supports and serves the delivery community wherever you are, a marketplace that helps to provide you with the best prices and services from anywhere in the world to your home. Seems exciting already, right? The idea attracted our team from the beginning.

So the client’s request was to do create the brand identity for aaber and develop two mobile apps with online chat support system. One of the apps was going to be used by the customers and the other one by the Captains (concierges). The main challenge was to build these two platforms where both types of users go through a series of steps, thus creating a connection bridge between one another.

Fascinated by this stimulating idea, the Digitec team took the responsibility of developing the ideas we had in our minds into reality. In terms of both design solutions and mobile functionality, we have challenged ourselves to combine simplicity with charm.

The Solution:

To encompass everything our client cared about, but at the same time using some creativity, the team came up with groundbreaking solutions. Understanding the client’s vision of the product and the features that would help transform the objective, the team got down to the nitty-gritty.

The very first goal of the branding part was to implement the main idea of the business concept. So we’ve decided to not include any complex elements in the visual identity, and make the idea of “A to B” as visible as possible with the help of a simple logotype and its magnetic colors.

Then after having figured out who our main target audiences are, what they look for, and why exactly they would choose aaber, we moved forward to the next technical steps. During our brainstorms, we had rounded up the final app integrations: map integration, chat integration featured with audio messages and camera, multi-payment methods integration with an algorithm based-bidding service in a real time manner, currency exchange integration, and this all in 3 languages: Arabian, English, French.

With the single-focus nature of the customers being able to request an order easily and the Captains gaining competitive advantages, it was important that we didn’t keep any distractive elements in the user journey which would delay quick events by several clicks.

Overall, everything from the color choice to the icon type to the smooth mobile experience was decided upon to minimize distractions and confusions. Long story short, both the design and development guidelines were set with the intent to make the online delivery experience easy for everyone. And, this was the mission that the Digitec team succeeded in completing.
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