Brand name: Flexoeasy.com
Services: E-commerce Platform Development, Mobile App Development, Content Development, UI/UX Design, Branding, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SMM
Project Duration: Ongoing project, started in 2020

The Challenge:

Behind the platform stands NDigitec’s years of experience in the Flexography (often abbreviated to flexo) industry. Flexoeasy.com is the newest online competency of NDigitec - one of the biggest media production companies in the GCC region, a partner of ours.

The platform is all about innovative digital Prepress & Premedia solutions for flexo packaging converters, printers and for brand owners, as well. With Flexoeasy.com, the user can make an optimal choice from a variety of plates and can customize their properties down to the finest detail in a matter of minutes. So, the platform was supposed to allow them to allocate priorities to projects, assign roles, request fingerprints, and have the plates delivered to any location.

Overall, the requests for this project were to have:
Structured website architecture to streamline user journeys;
User-friendly UI/UX;
User-friendly shopping process;
Deliver the whole idea of the concept via digital marketing channels;
Large traffic;
Detailed descriptive yet understandable content for products and services’

The Solution:

We aimed to introduce Flexoeasy.com’s offering as straightforward as possible. As a result, our team provided soft UI/UX design both for the website and the app in an accurate manner, by implementing a minimalistic style, concentrating more on the product pages being quite descriptive and easy-to navigate.

The new e-commerce platform was introduced with simplified user journeys that allowed customers to browse different plate-making solutions, to read about them, explore their advantages and sign in or contact Flexoeasy.com at every point.

In the product pages or in digital marketing channels we created such content that is easily available to the right prospects. Since Flexoeasy.com’s niche contains a rather professional sector, we use different digital marketing tools in order to achieve the right leads and convert them into customers.
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