Brand name: Jacobskitchen
Services: Web Development, UI/UX Design
Project Duration: February-March 2020

The Challenge:

Jacobskitchen opened the first dark kitchen restaurant in Armenia as the first place in this format, working only for delivery. Aiming to make the services and food more accessible to its customers, Jacobskitchen approached Digitec to develop a website that would represent the company in a more detailed manner.

Jacobskitchen needed a website that would make it easier to find and order food in an instant. Digitec took on the challenge of developing a website that would represent the company in its best spotlight.

The Solution:

To serve the Jacobskitchen’s purpose, we aimed to create a website that would have all the sections and categories for the food they serve and meanwhile would be informative and clear to the audience. The menu and the products should have been showcased in all their glory. Looking at the website, the customer must have been convinced that the food ordered from the website would not disappoint them.

Realizing that most customers will focus on clarity and ease of understanding of the website, we focused on making it as catchy and comprehensive as possible. We focused on using our modern UI/UX layout, engaging color ideas and stunning graphic designs to make the site easy-to-use and visually attractive.

As a result, we created an engaging website that emphasizes all the advantages of the Jacobskitchen, assuring that one website is enough to feel the power and immortal taste of their food.
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