Brand name: PEP
Services: Mobile App Development, Web Development, UI/UX Design
Project Duration: Ongoing project, started in 2017

The Challenge:

Fans are constantly seeking to find exclusive content from their idols, and celebrities keep looking for ways to monetize their popularity. More and more creative ways appear every year.
But none of them suits people from all industries: some are relevant to newsmakers, others to fitness coaches, and then what about popular chefs, singers, teachers, etc.

We were challenged to create the ultimate solution for celebs to share exclusive content with their followers. That’s when we started to develop this mobile application. The app should allow celebrities to:

share exclusive, private content
broadcast live videos
engage interested followers
get paid in return

Now let’s see what we’ve created.

The Solution:

PEP: It’s Personal. It’s Exclusive. It’s Private. This was the motto of the application we started to develop. The mobile app development team of Digitec worked hand-in-hand to reach their best in design, usability, and functionality.
Since its launch, PEP represents celebrities from various fields: the popular fitness trainer Sako Kouroumlian, the multi-linguist and language teacher Ehab Ramzi, the famous singer and actress Mai Selim, the leading actor Hani Ramzi, the businesswoman and fashion designer Lamitta Frangieh, and the famous actor Ahmad Zaher. In only one month (November 2017), PEP exceeded 5000 downloads, and it still keeps enlarging its audience. By now, Ehab Ramzi alone has 15000 users on his private PEP app.
Digitec now provides the full technical support for PEP mobile app.
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