Brand name: NDigitec
Services: Web Development, UI/UX Design, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, SMM, Landing Pages
Project Duration: March-July 2017

The Challenge:

One of the biggest media production companies in the Middle East, a partner of Digitec, needed a website redesign. The website needed to not only present the company’s services but also reflect its unique vision, innovative approach, and professionalism. NDigitec wanted to have a modern digital presence that did justice to its history and a wide range of expertise.

Understanding that the website of the leading production company could be nothing less than perfect, Digitec took on the challenge in all seriousness. We wanted to develop a website that would summarize the decades-long body of the company's work while staying authentic to its message. A website that would modernize NDigitec's digital presence without taking off from its value.

The Solution:

In its nature, NDigitec is not just a company that offers services. It is a living system with many smaller elements, functioning in sync like a small universe. Digitec found that idea to be essential to the media production company's image and put it at the core of its website redesign.

NDigitec’s website needed to be much more than just a simple page. We wanted it to tell about the company’s history, represent its values, and showcase its expertise. The website needed to reflect the high-end quality of services offered by the company and feel ‘luxurious.’ It also needed to serve as an educational platform for people looking to learn more about media production.

We concluded that we could achieve all that by focusing on the company’s main competencies — namely Premedia, Prepress, Digiprint, Fabrication. Accurately mapping them out was our first step. And indeed, they ended up ruling all the infrastructure of the site, us using them to design all the branding, visual, and textual elements. Then our developers, designers, and motion graphic artists worked on assembling a website that was both beautiful, functional and captivating on all fronts.

In the result, Digitec has built an immersive website that embodied the modern and high-tech outlook of the company, accurately reflecting its position on the market. The website carefully acquainted visitors with the NDigitec’s ‘universe,’ its seamless transitions, bright visuals, and simple texts representing the company’s high-tech vision and excellence in all-things production.
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