Brand name: Iammedia.am
Services: Web development, Android development, iOS development, digital marketing
Project Duration: Ongoing project, started in September 2018

The Challenge:

Iammedia is media, and an online TV platform was in its infancy when the team behind the project reached out to Digitec. The idea was to develop a digital platform that writers, readers, and advertisers could use to create content and be rewarded for their contribution.

They knew what they wanted Iammedia to be like and needed a team that would give those concepts life. Understanding Digitec’s experience in developing intricate technical solutions and strong visual identities, Iammedia entrusted the development of its platform to Digitec.

The original idea needed a matching, original solution.

Iammedia wanted the website and application to be easy-to-use, memorable, and sophisticated, reflecting the core ideas of the platform. The challenge was to create an online web-based platform with many functionalities, including interactive elements, publishing, and transaction management.

The problem needed an intuitive, simple, and scalable solution that would match the company’s ambition. And it needed it to be delivered quickly.

The Solution:

Iammedia needed a strong logic that would back up the website and drive the experience. It was an interesting problem that our took on with a lot of and was looking forward to solving. Under the supervision of the project manager, the team of web developers, mobile developers, and UX/UI designers at Digitec started working on the creation of the platform.

Before moving to any other aspect of the website, we defined the audiences of the website and mapped out their ‘journey.’ All three of Iammedia’s core audiences, namely visitors, writers, and advertisers, had different paths. Their interactions became the defining point of the platform, its information structure, and navigation system.

After we got that down, we started working on the visual identity of the platform and its functionality. Iammedia needed to be simple but memorable. It needed to be distinctive, without distracting the viewer from the website. The result was the timeless black-white-red color combination and minimalistic logotypes. For the layout, we used a similar logic, choosing the familiar newspaper layout — all that to make sure visitors do not lose themselves on the website and knowns what to do right away.

Thanks to our flexibility and management, a responsive attitude, and direct involvement, Iammedia transformed from just an idea to a real platform anyone can use to read the news, watch shows, publish their work, advertise, and receive rewards. With our help, it became what it wanted to be — a modern-looking, innovative, and self-sustaining media platform with a potential to transform content creation, offering a unique, uninterrupted media experience to all its users.
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