Brand name: Iammedia.am
Services: Web development, Android development, iOS development, digital marketing
Project Duration: Ongoing project, started in September 2018

The Challenge:

Iammedia — an online media and TV platform — was just an idea when the team behind the project reached out to Digitec. They wanted to create a digital platform that writers, readers, and advertisers could use to create content and be rewarded for their contribution. It needed to be intuitive, memorable, and sophisticated, reflecting the core ideas of the platform.

The original concept needed an equally original solution.

Impressed by Digitec’s ability to develop complex software and strong visual identities, Iammedia entrusted the development of its platform to Digitec. It became our challenge to create a functional and scalable online platform with many interactive elements and a reliable publishing and transaction management systems.

The Solution:

Iammedia is a user-centered platform, and we knew that its website needed to revolve around its visitors. It presented an interesting problem that we were looking forward to solving. Our team of web and mobile developers, UX/UI designers, and digital marketing specialists started working on the project right away.

First, we defined Iammedia’s primary audiences, namely visitors, writers, and advertisers. All of them had different goals, and their journey became the defining point of the platform, directing its information structure and navigation.

Then we started working on the visual identity and functionality of the platform. We knew it needed to be simple and memorable; distinctive, but not distracting. So to achieve the desired effect with went with a timeless black-white-red color scheme, minimalistic logotype, and predictable layout.

Thanks to our team’s flexibility and management, Iammedia turned from an idea to a digital platform anyone can use to read the news, watch shows, advertise, publish their work, and receive rewards. With our help, it became what it wanted to be — a modern-looking, innovative, and self-sustaining media website with the potential to transform content creation.
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