Babylon Restaurant

Brand name: Babylon Restaurant
Services: Web Development, UI/UX Design, Food Styling and Photography, Graphic Design, SMM, Content Marketing, SEO
Project Duration: March-July 2018

The Challenge:

Babylon is the first restaurant in Yerevan specialized in traditional Iraqi cuisine. It is a sophisticated venue with high standards and affordable prices. Among many Arabic restaurants in the city, Babylon is one of the few that don’t offer fast food but provide the perfect atmosphere for family dinners instead.
We started the cooperation with the restaurant before its opening and guided the prospective guests to the venue. All the online activities were yet to plan, so we offered a full package including web development and digital marketing services.

The Solution:

Digitec provided Babylon with food styling and photo shooting services to use the photographs both on the website and social media channels.
We developed a user-friendly website featuring the restaurant menu and started blogging on the website to attract new visitors as well as optimize the website for search engines. The entire site is SEO-friendly and ranks high in the local searches. Due to our multi-channel digital marketing efforts, the restaurant has engaged with potential customers both from Armenian target audience and audiences from other countries who are planning to visit Armenia.
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