Brand name: Development and Investments Corporation of Armenia
Services: Web Development, UI/UX Design, SEO
Project Duration: December-January 2018

The Challenge:

DICA is a Development and Investments Corporation of Armenia that supports the business sector of Armenia. Being an innovative force, the company wanted to correspond to the modern standards of the market. They approached Digitec with a request to implement functional and visual updates to the existing website.

DICA needed an informative and multilingual easy-to-navigate website that would showcase the company’s credibility. Digitec was tasked with redesigning the website in a way that would represent the organization’s mission to promote innovation and make it easy for anyone to find what they are looking for.

The Solution:

Instead of building upon the presented website, our team moved in another direction and created something entirely new. Being a digital innovation company that values simplicity and functionality, we developed a new website with the minimalistic approach, while staying true to the company’s branding and positioning.

Understanding that most of DICA’s visitors would not have the time to learn about its functionality, we focused on making the website efficient by reinforcing the feeling of familiarity. In other words, we wanted people to ‘feel’ like they knew what they needed to do.

To make it happen, we focused on building an intuitive UX/UI design, simplifying the navigation system, and making it visually appealing through the choice of fonts and colors. In the result, we have created a website that both looked clear, fresh, and functional, and represented the authoritative voice of the company.
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